Wednesday 11 June 2014

Class notes: Bong sau, grip breaks and boxing combinations

3 drill warm up:
Martin was running a little late so the eight of us got into our 3 drill. I was working with Trist on angles of lap, forward energy, use of the bong sau in the final defence and looking at different/wider range of attacks on top of the 3 basic ones. It was nice to have some time to be creative, explore and play.

Martin's 4 key elements/fundamentals of the sound fighter:
Power punching
Tight and small movements

Bong sau:
Bong sau is passive and done when energy is on the outside of the are. It is really important to work it in the 3 drill because it gives the opportunity to feel the energy and develop the bong sau.

Bong sau drill: I left jab then he paks off and hit with his right cross. As he hits after his pak you do you bong sau. They key is the pressure on the arm and this will dictate the move. After a few reps you can add you looping hook punch. My mistake when doing this with Ayyaz was that my bong was folding into too much. I was not maintaining the 135 degree angle. After some corrections it felt better. I was folding the arm from the elbow not keeping the 135 shape and folding from the shoulder and then turning the shoulders. Another key point is to wait for the energy.
Several times tonight Martin reinforced the idea that we should not create the shape in the hope that it is needed. It is energy and sensitivity directed. Furthermore to feel the correct energy the attackers needs to throw the punches to the face.

Grip breaks against 4 main common grips (same side hold on top of wrist hands pointing down

And the the opposite so that the hand under the wrist so hands point up, on both side of the body)
The first thing to consider is: are you really bothered about it? Let him worry about grabbing you and using up time, energy and concentration.

Rule 1 of grip breaks is always grab the grabber: rev the wrist and this will pull your elbow back and extend him plus more than likely root his weight through his legs, then grab.

We worked putting the 4 grabs on then swapping sides. Getting lots of reps in.

When you rev the wrist, this isolates his arm. We have to be aware that he might not be grabbing with 100% so you still have to go for the movement. Stay away initially from elusive grip breaks as he will follow your motion. The universal grip break (UGB) will give you resistance in his body to work against. When his arm is lengthened using the UGB his is pinned, little finger towards yourself, Martin used the analogy of the little finger chasing the thumb (looks like a fook sau). Ensure the top of the ulna is against his thumb so when rotate back using the hip and thus using body torque you can turn the hand out of the grip.

We then looked at folding techniques to break the grip, this was making sure the elbow goes forward. This will affect his structure and grip ability.

Sensitivity drill - guiding down the powerlines
Double lap
Arm drag to double lap

Underhook counter - the cricket bowl into chicken wing or DWL. Key points in DWL detail: 1. squeeze the arm by trying to pin your elbow to your side. 2. elbow on his shoulder. At time it can get jammed at the top of his tricep and the DWL is very tough to complete. 3. Punch the hips through.

Grappling flow drill sneak preview

Gloves on:

Jab, pak and counter jab warm up.

Jab the hand (held close the head and head height) - he will counter jab so you go to the protective shell cover, but do not lean back. It looked like a tight and small roll. Load the right handright right - throw right hand. Add movement from the pad holder in all directions

As above but add on the cover right head as he throws a left hook to which you counter with a left hook.

Jabs to the body only sparring.

Hands to the body sparring, my minor development was getting the rear hand pak and hit off in terms of timing. Really good working with Trist and Darren with alive footwork and movement. Thanks to Big Ron for his accuracy in making his rear pak and hit off work whilst hitting to my body. I never knew my eye ball was part of my body!!

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