Wednesday 17 August 2011

Week 61

Return of H. Not surprisingly he settled right back into to it, no sign to ring rust. Most pleased to have him throwing strong, direct and intent heavy attacks my way.

3 drill.

The first part of the class was devoted to 3 drill. The basic roll with ne slight difference: the defences to the chop and backfist used punches. This helped to emphasise the forward motion and intent needed for the correct defence along the centreline. Martin also kept us alert of the need to full laps.

Martin then discussed the limitation of lap sau outside of the 3 drill in sparring or real world application. He had us work the 3 drill at a slower pace to emphasise feeling and reacting to the feel over what the eyes are seeing. If the lap is there take it, if not go forward with another technique. Point being don’t just lap as it is part of the drill. Moving on we had to alter the defence to the backfist by using a crushing energy to put their punch inside their own centreline thus making a regular outside gate lap useless, instead the piston punch was practised.

My interpretation of this aspect of the training tonight was the importance of the centreline. Martin talked about what we should strive to get the opponent to do if the guard is wing chun style (get them to separate the hands to open a gap) or a more western boxer style (get them to close the gap so we can control the arms and the fight better).

Backs against the wall.

There might be an occasion where in the ring or in the street where the opponent has their back against a structure meaning that we can’t drive forward. This is best illustrated in the recent fight between Fedor and Hendo.

Apply forward pressure in the clinch and at your own choosing disengage and throw 2 hooks. As Hendo shows, and luckily for Fedor, the 2 hooks of death just miss. We worked the concept through a short drill, firstly open hand and then on the pads. Tie up with the referee hold and insert the right arm to his bicep. As this happens drop the left wrist and lift the elbow. Take a step back and lob the hooks.

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