Saturday 18 June 2011

Week 54

3 drill detail.

From the backfist they can apply a short pak and hit. The counter to this is to drop the elbow and circle upwards in the centre which will enable you to do a short lap and hit. They key for me was getting the elbow dropped into the centre, my mistake was using the elbow as the pivot point from their attack. This requires far too much effort.


The best way to set this up is when doing the backfist lap, drag their arm far across their centre, then lap the defence to the backfist down to their hip. This will provide lots of torque and off balancing in their body then the X-trap can be applied much more effectively.


Simply lift and bend the elbows. Not the shoulders. The point for me of this is that at some point they are going to release energy so they can hit as from this position you can still attack with the head if desired.
Counter to the escape is to simply release as they will bring a hand up to defend the impending attack, dive in with a snatch attack and hit.
Other attacks open when applying the X-trap are body shots to the ribs after you slip off and cover. Due to the range, elbows are also an option.

Headlock defence:

Posture up and palm across their face. If contact is felt on the back of the head or neck, it is good practise to not curl into a ball as this will ensure your rapid demise.

A.D.M. (Am drag maintenance) Reps, reps and more reps of the main 4.

The Whizzer:

This is the counter to double underhooks with lots of forward energy. This will not work if they have the hands clasped. It is for when they have got past your sprawl defence. Using the crook of your arm hook it tightly around their underhook and shrug throw them in the direction their energy is going. You will need to turn yourself to help them on their way.

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