Saturday 4 June 2011

Week 53

We worked the arm drag series from last week to act as a refresher and reinforce. We were extended by giving our partners different energies and they have to apply the correct arm drag. No point fighting energy with energy. If they give it to us then we must use it to our advantage, This led into the striking options utilising arm drags. As you saw from the video posted last week, usually arm drags lead to grappling stage contact and control. This can be standing as well as looking for takedowns and floor work. Only if the surface and situation permits it. We do not want to injure ourselves going to the ground nor tie up with another to enable their mates to practise their footy skills on our heads.

Arm drag 1: (Pak and punch, arm drag) simply can’t remember. My gut says hit through the centre when elbow control is got...

Arm drag 2: (Pak and punch, inside gate lap) Funky side step thingy. Did not like it so refuse to talk about it.

Arm drag 3: (Pak and punch, roll over) Instead of going for the arm drag look to get the Thai neck clinch. Some key tips are to squeeze the elbows together and thus clamping the head. A most uncomfortable position to find yourself in. In terms of the hand grip the best thing I can liken it to is the butterfly shadow silhouette you make with your hands. When clinching ensure the lower wrist is under and in contact with the upper wrist. From head control, knees, knees and more knees.

Arm drag 4: (Pak and punch, wrist then elbow control and shrug) there were several options we studied. 1. Maintain wrist control and hit through the centre with the left palm. 2. Simply lift off wrist control and hit with elbow. 3. Charge in with an elbow using explosive footwork.

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