Saturday 19 June 2010

Week 11

Footwork: basic stepping and then stepping with punching to the count. An interesting development was chain punching then moving to the count whilst chain punching. A subtle way to work on integrated co-ordination and torque alignment with upper and lower parts of the body.

Anti-grappling; grip breaking:
Initially we investigated different ways of breaking single hand to single hand breaks. First thing is to hit, work the break whilst hitting. All involved rotations of wrist and elbows.
High double hand grab: Give forward energy, turn arms to high/low, step deep between his legs and shoulder butt into the same side chest of opponent. Same side as if not then you are crossing his centre and gifting him your back. Once bumped, follow up with a upward elbow, snake is for neck control and knee to lower limbs.

Pad training circuit: Usual pain and suffering. This session I was focussing more on speed than power. A few times my ego got the better of me and I started to go for power and technique got looser. It was also pointed out to me by a pad holder that my stance to too boxer (wide base)and not enough wing chun (narrow). Had to focus hard to maintain the Wing Chun stance probably because the wider base is more comfortable. Therefore easy. Walk the hard path.

First form: Apart from being a nice warm down, ran through the whole form once, starting to pick it up. First 3 sections OK, rest is vague at best.

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