Friday 17 December 2010

Week 32

The pre grading mock.
Martin ran through the components of the grading and gave us some tips to work on.

Firstly we looked at footwork; basic stepping, with punches and the sticking to a partner drill. I still need to get that rear leg working better and more dynamic. Last6 night I recorded a count to 20 so I can play it back and 'explode and drive' on the count. I have tried to count without rhytmn. So tonight and tomorrow I am going to spend some time working on this.

For me (grade 1 exam) much time was spent on lat sau. Making sure all punches go to the chin and there is no predicted pattern or deviation based on my partners arms. Keep it relaxed from hand to shoulder, make it effortless. For me, thinking of punching with the elbows and not the hands helps.

In other news the road up to the 'hall' was an ice hell, fingers are crossed that the predicted snow will not affect the grading this Sunday.

And for H, looking forward to whenever you return.

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