Friday 19 November 2010

Week 30

3 drill: Off lining work. Warming up with giving partner strong and deep chop as so to put them on their back foot. The receiver needs to feel where the pressure is in the leg and respond with appropriate off lining footwork. Would like a lot more time working on this to feel that internal spring. I was working with big Nick who was giving me some good hard forward pressure, I was trying to feel and move but felt more like I was bouncing back to get out of his line of power. I was also going into negative posture too. Might get the missus chopping me to sort this out.

Swing defence left and right: Commit to going forward, get in to the eye of the storm and make the arms long, the punch intercepting arm is palm down as this is a stronger structure than palm up. There is some off-lining but no stepping sideways as this bad juju. I was working with Sav and Nick here both coming in with big strong swings. Worst case scenario: You see the punch at last minute and are not physically engaged to blast into their centre, so, cover the head with the elbow clasping own head with hand as you compress down into yourself. Move toward his centre covered up. You will be knocked off balance slightly as you are inside and covered up, as soon as you post on the rear foot give him the good fist news. Off the left hook attack you can after take head control and turn around on himself.

Pad training: Fast and chaotic in 30 second bursts with 10 seconds of rest. Must stay more compact in movement and stance as I become wider based.

Sparring: Despite the frustrations of my failing double lap attempts and both Kam and Ayyaz lumping my nose and skull, I did enjoy sparring tonight. After we had finished Kam gave me some tips on how to find the arm for the double lap as well as my own guard.
1: I tend to cover my head along and have a short guard so as advised I must have a longer guard as this will prevent (lessen) the continuing sore nose on a Friday morning. Longer and stronger guard it is.
2. When hunting for the double lap I was foolishly grabbing without setting up. Kam recommended either having stronger attacks to the face to get their hands up or throw annoying yet firm jabs to get the hands up then double lap.
Therefore I make it my mission in sparring to learn to use a better guard and hunt for their arms properly. This and this alone. Oh, and to stop bloody grappling.

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