Tuesday 24 August 2010

Week 18

Attack from 3 drill (the lop and chop).

Instead of flowing into the regular lop and chop , mini lop the front hand and seek the rear hand and lop that as you chop through to the neck with the left hand. This helps to develop broken rhythm in attack, especially as the 3 drill has a certain rhythmic feel to it. When in deep you can go for kau sau and hit.
The defence for kau sau is to push and pull. The arm that is being clasped in kau sau pull the elbow down and back to the ribs as the other hand pushes forwards ending in a combat ready position.
From the kau sau we looked at applying a chicken wing control. In training we practised applying slowly as it really wrenches the shoulder, if you have tight shoulders it can be very painful, so work it slowly. Word of warning, this must not be tried on someone bigger and stronger, won’t work. I mean that in a realistic combat sense. I was working this against Nathan, I am 5 8 and 75kg wet through, he must be scratching 6 foot and 110kgsFor a good tight chicken wing, keep the arm close to yours, hold his bicep with your hand.
We then played with inserting the uppercut which as always is a very nasty technique to employ. From this as the head goes back

Wrestling pummel:

Worked the basic pummel in order that if we are ever in this close position, we can use it to our advantage. As stated elsewhere, we are not grapplers, we learn elements of grappling to better understand it and work it to our advantage to enable us to strike, which is our bread and butter. Make sure as you swim, you have the same hand and foot forward, hips are far enough away so partner can’t clasp his hands together and that the shoulder going forward, is going forward. It should be as if you are each bouncing off each other as you contact with the shoulders. Most importantly, keep it soft and relaxed, only use power and speed at the right moment.

Firstly we looked at taking an arm as he goes for his underhook, get wrist control and pull it to your side, work slow to begin with and get the right timing, this can be quite tricky when picking up this technique. Essentially this is an arm drag followed by wrist control. Then you can insert a number of techniques, we looked at; rising face elbow followed by other elbow horizontal to the face. This is a nice and compact as well as devastating move. Then we looked at applying a key lock or Americana after the arm drag and wrist control, as soon as you feel as if he is trying to escape, do not fight for the control, let it go and follow in with chain punches.
Chain (pad) punching
As Martin stated this is our bread and butter as this is what wins fights. This is also something i need to devote myself to in my own training at home. I spend all of my training time at the moment doing Power Yoga. Need to put more time into my wing chun practise, I won’t get good by thinking about it...
l r l – head hook l – l r l
l r – body palm – r- r l r
l r – body punch – r r l r


Focussed on what I need to do to improve rather than trying to be aimless and just fight, so, I made sure I had tighter feet, hands and composure and measured approach
Panther had to run the gauntlet, it was his birthday, but what intense training for 2 minutes when he was attacked from all directions. He did real well.

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