Thursday 15 April 2010

Class notes: neck manipulation

Started off this week by looking at;

Arm drags: firstly from the position with your partner having their hand on your shoulder, then from lat sau and finally at the end of the, out of the 3 drill. In lat sau, the first punch (right) lands short but the second (left) one is very deep with a fully extended arm, the right simultaneously grabs and opens their arm
for the drag. Make sure the elbow lifts and the path of the arm drag is circular. This makes the motion more efficient.

Pad training: looked at 3 combos:

1-2-1-14 (LVP, RVP, LVP, RHE)

1-2-3-2 (LVP, RVP, LHP, RVP)

1-6-3-2 (LVP, DSP, LHP, RVP)

Noticed that on the final hit I was making a right mess of it, over extending, not relaxing enough, poor distancing. Must do some shadow boxing of these and even some visualisation to consolidate.

Catch wrestling neck manipulation: Nasty and feels like nothing at all. Come under neck, forearm out, other hand grasps by interlocking fingers, 2nd arm (hairy part) is flat against his head (ear area). Rotate and can open. Put ridiculous pressure on the neck and head. No effort my end, lots of pain his end.

3 drill inside gate lap and arm drag: Revising last weeks 3 drills and extending from the inside gate lap, swap to other arm to inside gate lap and arm drag.

Growing confidence through confident teaching. Martin is very confident in his abiliy to have a strong hit and the consequences of this on an opponents chin. I feel as if by hearing his confident and positive words that I am becoming more confident in myself, perhaps more empowered is more approproate a label. I am aware that this is not a false sense of security, just beginning to believe in the potential of my hands and thus myself.

Forward pressure from the Real Deal: He has excellent and a little intimidating forward pressure on his 3 drill. You know that if you were not to defend, your face would be smashed to bits. It is good for me to train with him as I can work on my posture and mind not collapsing under pressure

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